Welcome to Rhythm Priest Productions.

A full service production company with the
following service offerings:

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Indie Record Label - There are a lot of up and coming artists with incredible talents, however, the industry is very diverse these days and getting these incredible artists out onto a platform where they are heard is difficult. Many do not have the resources to do so, nor the time to get all the technical details together to promote themselves. They are dependent on DIY music sites which have value, but do not provide the means to develop an branding. RP Productions works with the up and coming artists, Produces them and releases their material on the RP Productions Indie Label. Once released, offers promotional strategies and give the artist that push to get on with their careers.

Full Ensemble Recording Studio - RP Productions is a large capacity recording studio offering all types of audio recording services. From recording your CD, Audio Books, Radio Spots, CDRoake and anything to do with audio recording, RP productions is at your service. Nestled on a private 40 acre oasis, this private and quiet setting allows you to relax and focus on your recording. Your connection with nature will help your creativity flow.

Sound and Light Production - RP Productions offers sound and lighting services for your event. Whether you have a banquet requiring table top microphones, large ballroom, outdoor event or a convention, we can configure our system to meet your needs. Up to 30K watts of sounds and a large array of lighting for your needs. We are currently the production company for Harmonic Convergence in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, the preferred vendor for a nature based convention held yearly, various pride events and other music related shows around the Midwest. Our systems are clear and safe and maintained by our hard working crew of engineers.

Audiology and Sound Analysis - We have taken audiology to a new level. We are involved in studies to support how sound impacts human behavior, nature and growth and sound physics. We also offer voice analysis to help you understand where you are as a vocalist and recommend training approaches to help strengthen your voice.

Producer, Songwriting and Engineering - The Rhythm Priest himself, Paul Ferrise, is a producer, songwriter and hybrid audio engineer. What does this all mean? As a producer, he works with artists by getting the best out of them, organizing the approach to recording their music and ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. As a songwriter, he writes, records and produces his own project, Unique Drive and works on song arrangements for others. As a hybrid engineer, he is capable of running your live sound as well as engineering in the studio. Paul is a product of the music industry from a touring and studio capacity having toured the world with national and international artists. He has also worked on a long list of studio projects for various musicians of all levels. See his portfolio for more information.

Rhythmpriest productions models its mission statement similar to that of Atchingtan Learning Center, a 501 (c)(3) organization which he established with his wife Janette many years ago. They live their lives providing for the people. When others benefit, so do Paul and Janette. Their motto is and will always be "For People and Life" - RP Productions lives by this motto as we are dedicated to helping up and coming artists, provide sound and lighting to a professional standard to our communities and services that benefit people overall. Help us out by spreading the word and listen to our artists.

For more information about any of our services, please contact us at contact@rhythmpriest.com