Paul has worked with various projects both on and off stage. From drummer, stage tech, stage management, production management, producer, engineer, etc, Paul has covered the grounds both nationally and internationally. Below are some of the projects and artists in his portfolio.

Unique Drive Forever Dream
Producer/Engineer/Song Writer

This is The Rhythmpriest's current project. Together with the talents of Michael Nebel, these 2 write, produce and engineer all of their work.

Their first release "Forever Dream"
was released October 1st 2013 and is available on music sites all over the world, such as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and many others.

Unique Drive is back in production for their new CD release targeted for a February 14th 2018 release. 
Crow Call Producer/Engineer

Ellie Bryant is a local folk singer/songwriter with an incredible and soothing voice.
Briana Divine Intervention

Briana is a local Poet/Writer and performer who took poetry reading to a new level.

Ailinn is a singer/songwriter from Wisconsin who has a natural talent for writing powerful folk music.
Murphey's Midnight Rounders Pearl Street & Swede Hollow

Murphey's Midnight Rounders is a national folk act performing at festivals and events all over the US. Brad Murphey has a great song writing talent that brings storytelling to the musical domain.
The Egg of Nyx

Studio / Live

This self titled album was created with a lot of talent. One of the Rhythm Priest's own projects that performed one show prior to going our own ways. Michael and Paul left the project to form Unique Drive to follow their intended vision of delivering music with a positive message.


Studio / Tour
Bass and Keyboard technician

The Viva Santana tour brought together most of the original members of the Santana Band. I was honored to work with this project supporting Alfonso Johnson and Greg Rollie touring setup.

This project also played in Leon Mexico to a massive crowd at the Leon soccer stadium. Additionally some incredible venues across the United Status.

Timex Social Club

Rumors Tour
Monitor Engineer, Backline technician, Stage Manager

This was a short lived project who made it's debut opening for Run DMS at the Oakland Coliseum.  Their set was 45 minutes and working with this group was a pleasure. An incredible lineup.

The Tubes

Monitor Enginner, Backline technician

What can we say about The Tubes? Most of the original members doing a follow up tour at venues across the US.  Bill Spooner was not on this tour, but it was great to work with such nice guys.

Kevin Russell  

Various Projects / Studio / Live

I took care of Kevin's backline and guitars for many studio projects. Additional, working with him with many projects doing endless shows. Kevin is a motor city guitar player, the real deal. He can make music with water. So much talent and diversity. Truly family oriented to the point where he would look at me and I would know what he needed.

Earl Slick  

Studio with Kevin Russell

Working with Slick was an experience never to be forgotten. The arsenal of guitars between him and Kevin was an experience that was so beneficial. Musically, you can not ask for any other combination of true musicianship.

Ronnie Montrose

Speed of Sound Tour
Backline and Guitar technician

Working with Ronnie is another one of those experiences where musicianship was not lacking.  We toured with Alan Holdsworth which featured the Wackerman brothers, Vinnie Caliuto, and other legends.  This was one tour working with some legends of the industry.

Night Ranger

Man in Motion Tour
Drum technician

Working for Kelly Keagy on this tour gave me some good insight on being a technician/drummer. Kelly is a consistent and solid drummer. Great bunch of guys...

David Cary / Road Runner

Drum technician.
Various Projects / Live

David was one of my first gigs when returning to the bay area after years of working out side of the local San Francisco scene. David is the most solid drummer I have been honored to meet. Our friendship grew close as we have a lot of background together. Roadrunner was a great band to work with. Really drove home the glam era for me. After roadrunner, we work together on many of his projects where I would take care of his huge drum rig. Today, we are still great friends.


Backline and Guitar technician

These guys were absolutely fabulous to work with. They took care of me and respected how hard we worked on every single show. Most of them retired now, I still keep touch with Jeff and Mike. Awesome and care people with hearts of gold.

Mary Cary

Various Projects / Live
Backline and Guitar technician

Mary was paramount to my guitar tech days. She spend time with me understanding some of the modern guitar technologies. We worked together for years always making sure her rig and guitars were all ready for studio and live shows. Her and Dave (roadrunner) and I eventually became roommates for a while while we were all going through some life changes. Mary and David are married with 2 incredible adult children. This family and I go WAAAAAY back. Love them....

Josh Ramos 

Various Projects / Studio / Live
Backline and Guitar technician

Josh picked me up as his guitar guy back in the 80s when I was leading and training crew with my good friends Ed and Michael (RIP). Like all other musicians I worked with, I took good care of Josh and he was always kind with me. We have a great time on stages...

Buddy Miles (R.I.P)  

Various Projects / Studio / Live
Backline, Drums and Guitar technician

Buddy was one unique guy. Depending on the project, he would play anything from drums to guitar. I learned a lot about working with left handed musicians with this project. Studio and Live gigs were a treat. A true legend.

Bill Spooner

Backline and Guitar technician

Bill started many projects after leaving The Tubes. One in particular was called CHUD. There I worked backline for a few shows. Great times for sure.

Pia Zadorra

Studio - TV
Production Manager/Backline/Monitors

I was brought into this project when Pia hired a bunch of locals in Marin county, such as Kevin Russell, Bobby Gilles, Gigi Gonaway, Narada Michael Waldon. The main objective of this project was to prepare for a live performance on the Arsenio Hall show. A month of rehearsals and we did it.


Drum technician

Vain was another product of the glam era. They worked regularly on the local scene and eventually got their break into the international world. I worked with them locally and due to my schedule, could not continue on the larger scale tours. Again, a great bunch of guys playing great music.  

Clarence Clemons (R.I.P)

Drums and Guitar technician.

This was a great gig. Some of the boys from the Pia Zadora gig when to work on a quick project with CC when we were on break from Pia. Truly a big man and a big heart.


Studio / Live
Backline and Guitar technician

Managed by the same management company as The Doobie Brothers and Night Ranger, we were brought in to work with Taxxi. A three piece core band with solid players and incredible writers.


Stage Manager.

I dont even remember the name of the album we were touring behind. We were on the road with Slayer and Venom. Great guys, but I have to admit that it was difficult. I am an old metal head, but this stuff was....... well, let's just say "Never Again"

Le Mans

Studio /Live
Backline and Guitar technician

Lots of shows and time in the studio. It was another one of those instances where I was very tight with the guitar players (Derek(RIP) Johnny and Brent) where some of the greatest to take care. Derik would turn to me and I knew what he needed. It was a sad day when I learn he passed away.

DJ Burns

Backline / Guitar technician / Stage Manager

As our crew family was well know to build and take shows out, we again were brought in to do some great shows which led to a pretty decent tour. We even had a setup of Harley's and a Pit-bull on the road with us.

Johnny Winter

Stage Manager and Lighting Director

This was a short lived gig. Only a few shows as they needed a substitute for some San Francisco Bay Area shows. My ears were in heaven.

Paul Kantner (RIP)


We were brought in to take care of Paul and his band during one of his post Jefferson Airplane projects. We did many shows together and played to very energetic audiences. He is surely very missed in the industry.

The above are some examples of projects I am or have worked with in my career, I singled out these projects to show diversity in my experiences. Working with international legends to incredible local musicians, all of them bring a special something to the world of music. I am proud and honored to have served these projects well. For a complete portfolio of projects, please feel free to contact me.

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